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There’s a few great excerpts from the book I’m reading by Jodi Picoult that really nail exactly how I feel about religion. I thought I’d share them.

“There was too much injustice in the world to buy into the belief that a merciful, all-powerful deity would continue to allow such atrocities to exist; and i downright detested the party line that there was some grand plan for humanity’s bumbling existence. It was like a parent watching children play with fire and thinking, ‘Well, let them burn. That’ll teach them.'”

“I don’t think religions are based on lies, but I don’t think they’re based on truths, either. I think they come about because of what people need at the time that they need them–believers need, by definition, something to believe in.”

And that is exactly how I feel.


Those Things That No One Will Say

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I think it’s interesting how these days people seem to confuse religion with politics. There’s a reason that we as a society have thrived when there is a separation of church and state. But somehow, Conservatives have to be Christians these days, and those “crazy Atheists” are Liberals. And of course, if you’re liberal you HAVE to be a Democrat, and blah blah blah blah. I do see how these groups got to be this way, and it makes sense that you would side with the group that upholds your beliefs, but making politics the new platform for “saving people” isn’t the answer.

I think that growing up with an interest in politics and current events is probably the reason that I struggled with religious choices for…well, my whole life, to be honest. That, and growing up in a family that gave me no choice but to be Christian. I went back and forth a lot after puberty. I knew that I had enjoyed growing up in a Christian household, but that I had never really shared the belief in God that everyone else did, and I certainly hadn’t had any encounters with divine intervention like the people I saw in church as a kid. I went through a slough of religious turmoil when certain events and funerals passed in high school, and I think that’s when I definitely slipped out of the religious circle, but I wasn’t certain about anything.

I think I made my decision when I started college and decided on a major in Evolutionary Biology. To be honest, I still haven’t even discussed many of these things with my parents, because I know they have faith, and won’t understand why I don’t. But for me, it’s simple. Science is truth. It’s tangible, it’s mathematical, and there is proof for every phenomenon. I’m not in the business of believing in things that I don’t have concrete proof for, and that won’t change anytime soon. I realize that this is a huge disappointment for many of the people that are close to me, but if they truly cared about me as a person, they would stop trying to save me and accept that I’ve made my choices just as they have. You don’t see me walking around, trying to convert Jesus freaks to atheism. The same courtesy would be appreciated.



Well obviously I couldn’t keep up with my vow to post something new every day, but I did create a new product-review based website that I will be updating fairly regularly. This is still where all of my personal blogging will be done, for the the foreseeable future. Today I came across a series of poems that I wrote over a year ago, and thought that it would be kind of cool to share them. They’re from an exercise that I did with a friend, giving ourselves 10 minutes or less to write a poem about the first word or phrase to come to mind. The words we chose were Remote, Coffee, Stitch, and Simple Machines. Here are my poems:

Word #1: Remote

It hits the ground with a dull thud
But somehow the injustice of the blow
Meant far more than the act itself.

The insults fly, but do not resonate.
She has gone once again
To the place filled with flowers.

The hurt is easily masked,
But it only feeds anger.
Because it is what he wants,
She will not bend.

In her mind, she is ready.
Let the objects fly without ceasing.

Word #2: Coffee

The healing powers of a steaming cup
Envelop not only the body, but the mind.
Caffeine and its’ genetic makeup
Really only cause a series of chemical reactions
In the brain.
Sure, it’s bad stuff.
Stunts your growth,
It’s addicting….
But somehow, the instant relief provided
Makes it all okay.

Word #3: Stitch

They keep my wounds together,
For it seems I am easily hurt.
Great stories follow injuries
That are easy to laugh off later.

But each time I trip,
Or miss a step
It makes me nervous
For what will ensue.

I bruise easily,
Trip often,
Have more scars than i can count….
I guess you’d say I’m clumsy.

Word (Phrase) #4: Simple Machines

Being able to breathe
Comes so naturally.
A latent function
That is taken for granted.

The only time we realize
The worth of each new breath
Is when the chance to inhale
Has been rippied away.

The body is a simple machine,
That makes things so complex.

My emotions swirl
And all that i can focus on
Is the simple latent function:
The art of taking a breath.

Hopefully I will have more to post later, since I’ve been trying this exercise again 🙂

New Things Everywhere!

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Keeping with the new site makeover campaign-like thing i started, i will now be posting daily about a different topic every time. they may be brief, or not. we’ll see. today’s post is about my brand new website! because i am so used to the wordpress format…i went in a totally new direction and am using blogger. The site can be found at It’s going to be a product review based website, which will hopefully become a large stepping stone of my writing career. Basically, I’ll be doing what I did for Nina at but on my own! Hopefully this takes off nicely. I spent the evening customizing AdSense and sending out pitch emails…let me tell you, those are no fun. If I get a few responses, though, it’ll be worth it.

Time to Start Blogging Again!

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I am officially back from my sabbatical. Haha 🙂 I know my posts are all too irregular, but for now, I’m back. Life has been so hectic this semester! I’ve barely had time to think, let alone translate my thoughts into a post. Between the Chamber performances, homework, class, family drama and boy stuff I don’t even know what to do!

All I can say is, thank God this semester is coming to a close. I cannot wait to go on break. Just 2 more finals, 3 more performances, Phantom of the Opera Callbacks, and 2 more essays and I am home free. As soon as I’m done with my last class, I’m going to sleep for a week!

Anyway, since I’m back and this site is looking a little stale, it’s time for a new look! It’s also time for a new home for me, I’m afraid. I’m officially looking for a room to rent as of now. I think I’d rather try that instead of renting an apartment. Pretty sure this is all I can afford, unless someone is looking for a roommate.

After break, I swear I’m going to go nuts. My schedule is so ridiculous next semester. I’ll be taking English 2, Stats, Weight Training (with my favorite coach!), Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Health and Wellness, and Comm 4. Not looking forward to that so much.

Well I suppose this has been sufficiently random and informative. Bedtime!

Just Do It


Have you ever felt extremely emotionally conflicted but couldn’t really explain your feelings about it to someone else? Wait, what am I saying? Of course you have. We ALL have. That’s just part of life. But I think one of the crappiest parts of being all emotional is not knowing who you can talk to.

But, for the record, in my opinion, it’s better to talk to someone that you don’t necessarily feel comfortable opening up to than bottling your feelings. Bottling is unhealthy, and so are other self-diagnosing forms of pain and stress relief. Do yourselves and your bodies a favor…release tension and be happy 🙂

Careers…A New One Every Week…

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But this time I think I’ve found one that I would seriously enjoy and that I am heavily considering.

Medical Interpreting.
(Of American Sign Language)

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