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You should join Nina Say’s Fantastical Forums if you are an active blogger, ESPECIALLY if you’re a product reviewer. If you join her $3 a month Blogger Review Club, you can be privy to special pitches, get linked up with new PR Contacts, and meet other bloggers just like yourself. You know you wanna šŸ™‚

Go HERE now.

By the by, you don’t even have to be a blogger to join. The actual forums are free, and for everyone. However, being a blog reader would be great. You don’t have to join the review club, but you should join the forum anyway!


The OneĀ Fantastical!!!!!!!

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I am suuuper excited to announce that starting…i dunno, soon? I’m going to be a guest author on my friend Nina’s website, The One Fantastical (theonefantastical.com) It’s on my blogroll, on the left side of this page. You guys should totally check it out. She’s the one who inspired me to start a blog. Of course, mine is nowhere near as cool as her site, but when I saw it I was like, okay, she’s way better than these other idiots. I could totally do this! So i did. Anyway, I’m going to be reviewing some products for her site and stuff, which I’m totally stoked about cuz I’ve always wanted to do product reviews but my site’s all teeny and no one reads it. Except for you, and I love you for that! Anyway, check out The One Fantastical. You can win a whole bunch of free shit too, cuz she always does giveaways. And not crappy ones. Like straighteners and gift sets and makeup. Fun stuff! If you’re a mom, you should REALLY go, because she’s a mom too, and always has baby stuff, which I kind of skip over. Lol