Important Update:

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Lol it’s actually not that important, unless like, you know me and care about what happens to me. Bwahaha. So basically here’s a summary of what’s going on right now:

-I’m not going to COS anymore (except for choir).

-I’m going to enroll at Milan Cosmetology School

-I’m going to actually be working.

-I’m hopefully going to also walk dogs for some extra cash. Want me to walk yours? Totally will.

-I’m moving in with le boyfrenn.


That’s about it. lol


I’ve Been Really Introspective Lately. It’s Kind of Annoying.

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It’s kind of funny how long it takes before you realize how important someone in your life is to you. Usually it takes losing them, or even the threat of losing them, before we realize how lucky we are. I am so, so guilty of this. I take people for granted so often. When I stop and realize it, I always feel terrible. That’s why I’m making a vow today to not take a single person in my life for granted.

Here’s to making good choices, kids.

I always post the title later. Damn.

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So I’m sitting in my room at 1am, doing quintessential college things. I have extremely loud hip hop music on, I’m dancing to myself a little, I’m in my undies, I’m doing homework, I’m on Facebook, and I’m making flashcards. Funny thing is, I’m having fun. It’s funny how easy it is to take comfort in the routine of the semester. So much better than being on break.

That’s pretty much all. Also, thanks for actually taking the time to click on this site. I know it’s dumb and boring. My other one is much more interesting. I give away free stuff. Here I pretty much just talk about how awesome I am and how much I love my boyfriend. lol

Well, I better get back to my Math 21 homework. You should go to the other site and read the review I just posted about how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

Time to Start Blogging Again!

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I am officially back from my sabbatical. Haha 🙂 I know my posts are all too irregular, but for now, I’m back. Life has been so hectic this semester! I’ve barely had time to think, let alone translate my thoughts into a post. Between the Chamber performances, homework, class, family drama and boy stuff I don’t even know what to do!

All I can say is, thank God this semester is coming to a close. I cannot wait to go on break. Just 2 more finals, 3 more performances, Phantom of the Opera Callbacks, and 2 more essays and I am home free. As soon as I’m done with my last class, I’m going to sleep for a week!

Anyway, since I’m back and this site is looking a little stale, it’s time for a new look! It’s also time for a new home for me, I’m afraid. I’m officially looking for a room to rent as of now. I think I’d rather try that instead of renting an apartment. Pretty sure this is all I can afford, unless someone is looking for a roommate.

After break, I swear I’m going to go nuts. My schedule is so ridiculous next semester. I’ll be taking English 2, Stats, Weight Training (with my favorite coach!), Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Health and Wellness, and Comm 4. Not looking forward to that so much.

Well I suppose this has been sufficiently random and informative. Bedtime!

Just Do It


Have you ever felt extremely emotionally conflicted but couldn’t really explain your feelings about it to someone else? Wait, what am I saying? Of course you have. We ALL have. That’s just part of life. But I think one of the crappiest parts of being all emotional is not knowing who you can talk to.

But, for the record, in my opinion, it’s better to talk to someone that you don’t necessarily feel comfortable opening up to than bottling your feelings. Bottling is unhealthy, and so are other self-diagnosing forms of pain and stress relief. Do yourselves and your bodies a favor…release tension and be happy 🙂

Careers…A New One Every Week…

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But this time I think I’ve found one that I would seriously enjoy and that I am heavily considering.

Medical Interpreting.
(Of American Sign Language)

Messy Messiness

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I know that my blogging is sporadic, and I don’t live online like I used to. I’ve been trying to focus on the more important things, but now I’m realizing just how lazy I have become. I ask myself the same questions over and over, changing my mind about the answers every time. I continuously find myself in need of a job, but have little time to obtain one. I’m still in college, and still don’t know what I’m going to do or major in. I can’t focus long enough to struggle through homework, and I think it might be time to actually look into trying out some medications for my ADHD. It isn’t my first choice, but if my schoolwork can benefit from taking a regular medication, it’s worth a shot. However, I am dependent enough on sleeping pills, so I’m hesitant. I don’t want to be stuck at junior college any longer than I have to be, and I already screwed up one semester. I don’t need to mess up another, especially since my class load isn’t all that intense. It’s crunch time, and I know I need to get serious. Hopefully some of these things will get worked out soon.

Something positive: I have been making a conscious effort to exercise and eat often enough. It isn’t fun, but I can already tell a difference in my weight/energy/overall health. This week I’m going to have a physical done, and I’m hoping for good news.

I know this whole thing was a jumbled mess, but it’s 5:30 in the morning, and I should get back to my homework. Today WILL be a good day, despite the lack of sleep and random anxiety.

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