I always post the title later. Damn.

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So I’m sitting in my room at 1am, doing quintessential college things. I have extremely loud hip hop music on, I’m dancing to myself a little, I’m in my undies, I’m doing homework, I’m on Facebook, and I’m making flashcards. Funny thing is, I’m having fun. It’s funny how easy it is to take comfort in the routine of the semester. So much better than being on break.

That’s pretty much all. Also, thanks for actually taking the time to click on this site. I know it’s dumb and boring. My other one is much more interesting. I give away free stuff. Here I pretty much just talk about how awesome I am and how much I love my boyfriend. lol

Well, I better get back to my Math 21 homework. You should go to the other site and read the review I just posted about how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.


New Things Everywhere!

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Keeping with the new site makeover campaign-like thing i started, i will now be posting daily about a different topic every time. they may be brief, or not. we’ll see. today’s post is about my brand new website! because i am so used to the wordpress format…i went in a totally new direction and am using blogger. The site can be found at fromacrazyperson.blogspot.com. It’s going to be a product review based website, which will hopefully become a large stepping stone of my writing career. Basically, I’ll be doing what I did for Nina at theonefantastical.com but on my own! Hopefully this takes off nicely. I spent the evening customizing AdSense and sending out pitch emails…let me tell you, those are no fun. If I get a few responses, though, it’ll be worth it.