This one is mostly for the fam. Things have been nutso around here lately, and I’m terrible at corresponding when I get busy. You have to read my facebook religiously to actually know what’s up, and even then things get lost in the translation. So I’m back to the blog that I only update every few months to tell you the latest and greatest.

We’re moving! By “we” I mean the boyfriend, Brett, and I. While I realize that some of you may not approve of this, I am willing to accept that. Don’t get me wrong. Marriage has been put on the table as an option. Don’t think I haven’t thought about it. It’s just mostly the cost that makes us want to wait. We’d rather have been together longer and have more money before we take on that endeavor. Just know that it WILL happen. Just not right now. And yeah, my parents (especially dad) are very unhappy with pretty much everything I do now, so I get enough criticism from the Riggs Camp.

I’ve been living at le Boyfriend’s for about a month, and now we’re setting out on our own. The awesome news is, we’re moving into the apartment right next to his mom’s. This way we have our own place, but if we need anything or feel unsafe, we have people that we trust right next door. She’s already been a huge help. Tomorrow the electricity and gas are being turned on, and we’re going in to do some cleaning, since it’s been unoccupied for a few months. We’re moving all of the furniture in this weekend, after we buy new locks and door handles (as a precaution). The apartment is positively huge. It’s a 2 bedroom with 1 bathroom and a huge living room connected to the kitchen. Tiny backyard, but we don’t really care. It’s only missing a microwave, proper air conditioning and a fridge. But that’s okay, because we’re bringing our own fridge (courtesy of Brett’s grandma and her extra one) and a small air conditioner that will work perfectly for the bedroom. That will also keep the bills low, which we’re happy about. The apartment is in great condition, and it doesn’t smell funky or anything. We’ll always be safe because we have family right next door. I’m very excited.

The other news is that I’m now working 2 jobs in addition to going to school. I know, it sounds like a lot but it really isn’t. I’m only part-time this semester, and next semester I’ll be going full-time, but it will be online so I can be more flexible at work. I’ll also be working afternoons as a tutor at Success in Reading and Math and working graveyard shifts at Jack in the Box. The latter isn’t actually a sure thing, but I had an interview today and I was told that it “wasn’t a sure thing that I’d be hired, but I most likely would be because I have a great attitude and seem perfect for a customer service position there.” I’ve been told that this is a huge deal, because she kept complimenting me and she usually doesn’t do that. If that doesn’t work out, it’ll be another fast food job for now. I don’t really mind. It helps pay the bills while I’m at COS. Financial Aid will help out a little too. I don’t think I qualify for much, even now.

So basically, we’re going to be out on our own, doing our own thing. Once we get moved in, the main priority will be acquiring furniture. As of right now, we only have the fridge, some bedroom furniture, 2 computers and game systems, a GIANT tv, and a coffee table. For now that will totally work, and we’ll just take it from there. Within a few weeks I’ll probably turn on a 2nd phone, so expect a message about that. For now, that’s what’s going on over here. It’s pretty busy!