Well obviously I couldn’t keep up with my vow to post something new every day, but I did create a new product-review based website that I will be updating fairly regularly. This is still where all of my personal blogging will be done, for the the foreseeable future. Today I came across a series of poems that I wrote over a year ago, and thought that it would be kind of cool to share them. They’re from an exercise that I did with a friend, giving ourselves 10 minutes or less to write a poem about the first word or phrase to come to mind. The words we chose were Remote, Coffee, Stitch, and Simple Machines. Here are my poems:

Word #1: Remote

It hits the ground with a dull thud
But somehow the injustice of the blow
Meant far more than the act itself.

The insults fly, but do not resonate.
She has gone once again
To the place filled with flowers.

The hurt is easily masked,
But it only feeds anger.
Because it is what he wants,
She will not bend.

In her mind, she is ready.
Let the objects fly without ceasing.

Word #2: Coffee

The healing powers of a steaming cup
Envelop not only the body, but the mind.
Caffeine and its’ genetic makeup
Really only cause a series of chemical reactions
In the brain.
Sure, it’s bad stuff.
Stunts your growth,
It’s addicting….
But somehow, the instant relief provided
Makes it all okay.

Word #3: Stitch

They keep my wounds together,
For it seems I am easily hurt.
Great stories follow injuries
That are easy to laugh off later.

But each time I trip,
Or miss a step
It makes me nervous
For what will ensue.

I bruise easily,
Trip often,
Have more scars than i can count….
I guess you’d say I’m clumsy.

Word (Phrase) #4: Simple Machines

Being able to breathe
Comes so naturally.
A latent function
That is taken for granted.

The only time we realize
The worth of each new breath
Is when the chance to inhale
Has been rippied away.

The body is a simple machine,
That makes things so complex.

My emotions swirl
And all that i can focus on
Is the simple latent function:
The art of taking a breath.

Hopefully I will have more to post later, since I’ve been trying this exercise again 🙂