I’m such a bad person. I never update anymore. Mostly because I get so busy, and I actually like sleep. Not that I get any of that, but still. I mostly just use this to update people about my life so I don’t have to talk to them, but whatever. Let’s pretend I didn’t say that.

Gah. So much has been going on that I don’t even know what to say. But I will open with this: This isn’t gonna be one of my super-happy-jumpy posts where I’m ranting about something oddly hilarious. I’m not really in the mood for that…which is rare, but yeah. I’m feeling a bit introspective.

I think it’s mostly because I’m in college and the whole “declaring a major” thing is actually a reality now. And I HATE it. I always knew what I wanted to be, and what I wanted to go to college for. It was going to be a Master’s in Journalism, and I wanted to work my way up the food chain in the newspaper world. But: reality check. The written word is kind of dying, people. Also, I don’t think I ever realized how terrible of an author/writer/producer of written work I am. Now I go back and I’m like…this isn’t my thing. I can’t do this. And awhile back I was like, “I WANNA GO TO MED SCHOOL”…but I talked myself out of that one. Mostly for two reasons.

1. I am sooo freakin lazy. I probably always will be. I might be able to fight it, but that’s a level of concentration and commitment that I definitely lack.
2. I value my individuality. Yeah, I know there are probably 5.6 million people in the world that share common characteristics with me. But no one is exactly the same. Choosing that career path would stifle my personality quite a bit. Maybe if I got some ADD meds I could do it, but idk. Relying on medication isn’t exactly something that excites me. At all.

Ha. It’s funny. I stopped typing after that last sentence half an hour ago. That’s how messed up my attention span/concentration is. And it’s worse when I’m tired. I hate being so apathetic. I’m in college. It’s time to get serious now. I’ve been slacking off for too long. Last semester was basically a giant waste. And I mean, that’s okay because I’m still on track/ahead of the game, since I was Class of 2010. But still…I’d kind of like to not waste a ton of time getting focused. I’m trying to kick old habits, and stop doing things that make me embarrassed of myself. But geez, it’s hard. I know, that’s so lame sounding. But it’s true.

Yeah. I’m falling asleep. It’s been an hour since I typed the last paragraph. I guess…I dunno. The point of this post is…well, there isn’t really one. Except, I need to find a major. Something that I actually want to do with my life. Big decision. Everyone else is sure, but I’m not. I’ll figure it out soon, or not. Plenty of time. Also, clever title, eh? 😛