Big, exciting things are happening, people. Big ones. I need to like, sit down and organize my thoughts, but alas, alack; I want for time. Haha. No seriously though, I’m ridiculously busy just like I used to always be…so it’s time to not be lazy! Need to finish moving my stuff back to my parents’ house (where I belong!) and “get my head in the game” for this semester. It’s a busy one, between Concert Choir, CHAMBER SINGERS, American Sign Language 2, Sociology 2, English, History 18, and poooossibly Internet Research Techniques since it’s only 2 weeks long and just optimizes search engine knowledge. Woohoo! So yeah, anyway…

Guy that I’m head over heels for loves me, I probably have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome- Hypermobility type (which explains a lot), I made Chamber Singers, I’m changing my major again, I need to get a part time job, I suck at Rock Band, I love my family more than anything, and I need to go to sleep! hahaha seriously though?

I pretty much have the best life ever…as long as the tiny aliens that live in the rafters of Mat’s mom’s house don’t decide to graduate from switching babies to like, taking over the world. Cuz I mean, geez…gimme a break!

OH OH Also? I didn’t have to spend a PENNY on books this semester. BOOYAH. Mom had one, Mat had another, and all of the rest were unnecessary. HELL TO THE YES.

Okay, I’m really going to bed now….