Sometimes I wonder how non-ADHDers perceive ADHD to be. Like, I wonder if they realize just how much it affects our brains. Most people just assume that it means that we have the attention spans of mice, but are otherwise unidentifiable when thrust into a crowd of non-ADHDers.

Like, seriously? It messes with the frontal lobe, the inhibitory mechanisms of the cortex, the limbic system and the reticular activating system. Basically, we show excessive slow brainwave activity, mostly due to a lack of control in the cortex, (the inhibitory mechanisms that it messes with). The frontal lobe can be affected in a bunch of different ways, since it’s responsible for a lot of different important tasks. Of course there’s paying attention, staying on task, concentrating, and the usual. But the frontal lobe is also responsible for things that you wouldn’t think of. Like determining the proper behavior for any given situation, or deeming certain behaviors appropriate or not. This is a social disorder too, people. Emotional impulsivity is common in ADHDers, which comes mostly from the pre-frontal cortex, but also the frontal lobe. ADHD can be classified as a “dis-inibition disorder”, kind of like Asperger Syndrome but slightly less socially prominent. (Shout-out to Jordan! :D) ADHD’ers often have a hard time saying “no” to people, and are often very impulsive. “It seems that a person with impulsivity as a part of their ADHD has a normal ability to say “Go” at the neurological level, but their ability to say “No” or “Stop” comes just a fraction of a second slower. As a result, things are often done, or said, without much self-control practiced.” -ADHD Info Library. I’ve paraphrased a bit from here as well. One of the many studies that helps reveal the depth of ADHD. I have lots of favorites, but mostly in Medical Journals under my bed. Don’t judge me!

Of course, like any good brain disorder, it can be characterized in a myriad of ways, and has certain personality types that are associated with it. I personally am usually classified as “The Perfectionist”. Here’s where my OCD ties in. Yeah. My brain is like, extra fucked up. Also, colorblindness. TWO types. AND I’M A CHICK. (Deuteranopia and mild Tritanopia, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned). Annnnnnyway, back to what I was saying. Lolz there’s that ADHD. So yeah, we have less control over our brains and are more impulsive. That’s why we tend to spend money on irrelevant or unnecessary things, and blurt things out, and be painfully honest. But on the other end of the spectrum, ADHD can actually aid uncontrollable and pointless lying. No joke. There are lots of little personality traits that are either aided or caused by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. We don’t just have 3 second attention spans…although there’s that too. Haha 🙂

Okay, more tomorrow. For now, Over and Out.