You know, I’m a relatively well-grounded person. I’d like to think that I’m realistic, and that I’m pretty savvy in many areas involving my meager existence. But sometimes when I actually take the time to self-examine, I realize what an asshole I am. I’m hypocritical, selfish, self-centered, unwise, foolish, demanding and needy. And its when I think about those things that I just want to curl up into a ball and not come out of my room. Except, oh yeah. Now I can’t just lock myself up in my room and turn it into a den of mourning, because I share my room. With the person who makes me crazy and makes me insecure and makes me see all of the shitty things that I am. And it’s times like these that I wish I was weaker minded and could accept concepts like Christianity without question, with absolute faith, and with a whole heart.

I guess that’s just another downfall of mine. The arsenal is getting pretty full right about now.