Ooookay, so since I moved to my new place of residence like, mmm… about a month ago, I’ve been functioning with ridiculously terrible internet. I’ve posted about it a few times, and mentioned how much I hate it on Facebook and the like. But see, I didn’t just mean that I had bad internet, or slowinternet.

Let me enlighten you on the gravity of the situation:

DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MEANS? The shittiest internet provider that there is, whose service is a JOKE among techies and nerds alike, is BETTER than what I was using. We were hooked up to Satellite interwebs through a company called WildBlue, which by the way has about 50,000 people ready to back up class-action lawsuits against the company BECAUSE IT SUCKS SO MUCH. Today we installed a Clearwire modem, which when running on a bar and a half, is like twice as good as full connectivity through WildBlue. The specs would thrill you. Currently my roommate got the Clearwire signal up to 3 bars, which seems like it’s the best we’ll get, and it’s so awesome that I want to pee my pants.

Thing is, I would much rather go through Comcast, and get the crazy awesome package with the best internet there is so that we can game and accomplish all of the things that we want to with our technologically ridiculous set up that’s in the bedroom, but it just isn’t possible. I’m actually kind of happy with Clearwire at the moment, which is pretty sad, because I’ve had the amazing Comcast internet. It’s just that I’m trying to be realistic and understand that in our area (the kind of place rapists take you because no one will hear you) this is the best we can get.

Update: And now to watch a Netflix movie instantly, it only takes less than a minute to buffer, where it was taking anywhere between 12 and 40 minutes before. I LOVE YOU, CLEARWIRE.

^That is a sentence I hoped to never type. *sigh*