Okay so like, I have lots to catch up on today, and I’m feeling especially all-over-the-place, so just deal with my nonchalant randomness, if you will. Sorry that I didn’t continue with the weight loss tracky-thingy yesterday, but I ended up getting super busy with my actual life and didn’t really have time to blog. Iknorite? Actual life? Who am I kidding? 😛 lol

Soooo here’s a slight recap of the last few days:
-Started a huge organizational project involving the Purr-fect Pals, Inc. businessy-half of the animal shelter where I live/work.
-Cleaned the crap out of the house with my boss/second mommy Yvonne
-Entirely moved someone new into the house
-Moved furniture around like crazy
-Actually got internet hooked up, and wireless, and figured out how to remote-desktop access servers or whatever and all of that great stuff
-Got addicted to my diet supplement and the energy that it gives me O.O
-Took on a babeh kitten that thinks I’m her mommy. She’s like 2 weeks old, eyes barely opened, and I feed her kitten milk with a syringe while she bites the crap out of me and pees on my bras 🙂
-I hurt myself like a million bajillion times. Like seriously, my legs are covered in bruises and scrapes
-This morning some asshole puppies (great Danes) tried to chew up little Trixie (who is only 9.4 lbs) AGAIN, only this time they sliced open her throat and cut her up a bunch and OH YEAH THEY KIND OF MISSED HER JUGULAR BY LESS THAN A CENTIMETER. Suffice it to say, those puppies aren’t being let back into the house anymore. Good riddance. All they do is chew shit up anyway. Little Trixie will survive, but we spent the morning at the vet, and came home covered in puppy blood and fur and out 300+ bucks, but I’m heading back to pick her up in the morning. She’s drugged up anyway. Poor thing. It was way more traumatic than I’m making it sound, dudes.
-I didn’t do my measurements today because I’m being lazy and don’t want to get up ATM, but I weighed in at 220 this morning. Woohoo!
-Also, I thought it prevalent to mention that I got a comment on one of my older weight loss posts, and I just thought that maybe I should clarify a few things.
A: Insulting me is not nearly as effective when my 13 year old sister uses better grammar than you do.
B: The only people’s opinions that I truly care about are people that are close to me, and I can tell the difference between a friend divulging an honest opinion to me, and some random asshole thinking he’s super cool for calling me fat.
C: I’m not doing this diet plan for the approval of others. Sure, that’s nice. But it’s for mostly health related reasons. Telling me that I’m unlovable because I’m plus sized is so dumb, mostly because so many people love me anyway. Thinking that you have that much pull is just dumb. Cuz guess what? I know I’m fat. Duuurf. That’s why I’m trying to lose weight.
So anyway, yeah. That’s just for future reference. Lol. I’ve made a ton of personal progress, and I’m lovin all of the life changes that are happening. Contentment is the bomb, dudes. Peace.