So, today I’m going to start with the measurements, because I’m pretty excited. Also, I know it’s water weight and I’m probably not losing this much in reality and blah blah blah…I don’t care. I’m still proud. There’s nothing more heartening than progress.
Neck: 15″
Boobs: 47.5″
Upper stomach: 39.5″
Tummy (pushing out): 46.5″
Around Butt: 46.5″
Thighs with Legs Closed: 45″
Size: about an 18
Actual weight: 223.5

I’ve pretty much completely changed my lifestyle. I actually like exercise now, and my supplement definitely helps with that. I’ve been doing some crazy housework too, which can only help. I’ve eaten a few relatively unhealthy foods, but I’m not too focused on that. I’m just trying to be more balanced, remember to eat small meals, and have lots of fruits and veggies. I also made it a goal to stop eating fast food. That’s going to be so hard during the semester. It’s so convenient to just stop on the way home or the way to class for something to eat. However, if I continue to make actual progress, that’ll be a good motivator. For now, I remain skeptical but still excited.