It’s Day 2 of “The Weight Loss Project”, and I gotta say, I’m already having issues. Like, no joke. I seriously just want to sit down with a huge tub of ice cream like I used to when crappy things happened. I mean, how do you think I got so huge? It started when Allen died my sophomore year of high school, and my weight has yo-yo’d a little since then, but I’ve always been way on the heavy side since about halfway through high school.

When I’m upset, I eat my feelings. It’s part of being a hormonal chick and also being someone who hates disappointment but always gets disappointed. Like, I do this all of the time. I automatically trust people that I shouldn’t or I fuck things up or I get my hopes up for something that I know is impossible. I’m one of those stupid people who gets let down pretty easily. I mean, I guess that’s just mostly human, but it still sucks.

But you know what? I had my supplement and now I’m going to eat an apple and run it out with my dog. I’m not going to head for the freezer, because i KNOW there’s ice cream in there. I’m going to fight temptation, no matter how appealing crying on my couch while ingesting empty calories seems.