I’m seriously getting super excited for school to start! Time to shell out hundreds for books and parking passes and materials…YAY! I love school 🙂 I finally unpacked most of my stuff today, and unloaded all of my bathroom stuff and did lots of cleaning. Then I realized how much stuff I actually HAVE. Holy Hell. There is a lot. Like, seriously? The bathroom is super organized and neat NOW but just wait till school starts. That counter will slowly disappear. Lol

I also finally have enough storage space for all of my crap, which is something I struggle with a lot. Now that I have 2 shoe racks, 2 plastic storage dresser things, 3 under-bed-bins, 2 normal sized dressers, a large closet, a desk with drawers, and 2 trunks I think i’ll be okay. Haha 🙂

That is all for nao 😛