Have you ever had something totally awesome kind of hit you in the face and you’re like whoa! wtf? COOL. But at the same time you’re like, kind of weirded out because things that awesome totally never happen to you? Yeah. That’s about how I’m feeling right now. Weird, weird weird day.

I realize that I haven’t been posting much as of late and I’m sowwy. Just been really busy, mostly. I didn’t used to have a life, and now I kind of do. Between work, school sign-ups, moving and dealing with other people’s personal issues, I’ve been a busy girl! Of course, I still never sleep. Nothing’s changed all that much.

I cannot WAIT for school to start. At the beginning of the summer I was all like, stoked to have the summer off for once and now I’m practically dying because I actually miss school. I know, I’m pretty weird. I just can’t wait to get back into the swing of things, and I feel completely relaxed in my new living arrangements now that some things have smoothed out. It’s really awesome to just…be. I’m pretty dang happy 🙂

Also, I was trying to reply to a comment on my last post and I deleted the whole post on accident, which was really annoying. So if you’re wondering why it’s gone, it’s because I’m a retard 😛