I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but it seems like I get randomly depressed sometimes. It’s not like, clinical depression or a chemical imbalance or anything, but like, it totally happens. Like on really long car rides where all I can see is cows and grass, I start to feel depressed for like NO REASON AT ALL. I think I’m weird. And like, when I’m home all day and have nothing to do I get kind of sad. But I don’t understand it. Like, my life isn’t depressing at all. I think I totally know what it is.

All throughout middle and high school I was constantly in musicals, plays, and doing extracurriculars like horseback riding and clubs and stuff. Now that I’m in college and I work and stuff I like to relax, but it feels kind of wrong to. I like being busy and having a fast paced life. I like excitement, and being crazy. I guess it’s good that I’m going to be living and working with my best friend Sam now. We’re always very loud and crazy and can find exciting things to do. Even if they seem weird to other people.