Sooo I got a new job-ish thing, and I’m hoping it works out. I’m going to be helping out with a new Nonprofit Organization that’s just getting up and running. It’s called Purr-fect Pals Inc. Yvonne D’Amore, the founder, takes in a lot of stray and mistreated animals, and she’s setting up the organization so that the animals can be adopted and loved! It’s really amazing. People are already bringing in donations, and plans are being thrown around for building dog and cat kennels on their property. Basically my best friend Sam and I will be dog walkers. And feeders. And clean up afterers. lol But it seems like such an awesome thing to be involved in. Yvonne is one of the sweetest and most Godly people ever. I KNOW, I KNOW, I’m not Christian. But that doesn’t mean I can’t see the God in people, and respect their faith even if I don’t agree. If you have a soft spot for animals and would like to donate food or toys or are looking to bring a pet into your home you should definitely contact Yvonne. I don’t feel comfortable giving out her phone number or anything, but her e-mail is