Okay, so I was watching “Dear John” just now, and the sex scene came on…and then I realized that I always critique sex scenes in movies. Some directors do an amazing job, but sometimes it’s just cheesy and lame and you see way too much of the naked female body. So I have decided that I’m going to list for you the best movie sex scenes of all time in my opinion and tell you why they are the best. Don’t ask me why or of what use this list will be, but yeah.

Number 5:
“Dear John”. Yeah, I love it. It’s tasteful, has a good song playing, and shows the emotion of it. That;s a big thing with me. Mostly because I think that sex is an extremely intimate thing, and is meaningful. This movie breaks my heart, and the book even moreso, but the sex scene is good in both. Maybe even better in the book…

Number 4:
“The Notebook”. Absolutely. I mean, you’ve been waiting since the first ten minutes of the movie for them to get it on, and now you’re all excited because you know Noah’s been in love with her ever since they were kids. It’s pretty satisfying. Also, the carrying her in from the rainy dock thing was suuper sexy.

Number 3:
“True Blood”. I KNOW, I KNOW. True Blood is not a movie. But it doesn’t even matter. The first time that Sookie and Bill did it was freakin amazing. The bite probably just adds to it too. There’s something hot about her letting him taste her blood, and him enjoying it but not feeling the need to murder her and finish the job.

Number 2:
“Catch and Release”. My friend Nicosha and I used to watch this one over and over. It’s just so well done! The way they use the nightlight and the different images fading into each other is so artsy and just amazing. It’s also pretty funny when the fat-guy-whose-name-I-cannot-remember walks in and gets something out of the fridge, not realizing how hot and heavy they’re getting across the room. I seriously need to watch this movie again. I love it so much.

Number 1:
“Pear Harbor”. NO QUESTION. This was the hottest sex scene EVER. Not only because Josh Harnett is extremely sexy and Kate Beckinsale is the prettiest girl in the world…no, I think it mostly has to do with the setting. The airplane parachute storage facility? Perfect. And the way she spins around in one before he starts kissing her…and the way she yanks him down by the dog tags….all pure genius.

So yeah. That’s my list. I don’t know what its purpose is, but now you know my opinion on sex scenes. Lol 🙂