I grew up in a house full of conservatives with very strong opinions about basically everything, so it comes as no surprise that I was raised to hate gay people, and believe that they are going to go to hell when they die. Now, seriously, HOW ridiculous is this? As a Christian, you’re raised to “not judge” people and to believe that “anyone can let Jesus in to their heart”. But then all of a sudden as soon as sexuality is included, it’s an exclusive club for homophobes only. Christianity sometimes seems like a huge web of contradictions to me. I’m not entirely against it, but how can I accept a religion that can’t even figure itself out? I can’t believe in something that condemns people just because they don’t fit the description of perfection. The whole point of religion is to come as you are and be accepted for who you are. What if I just happen to be gay? I mean, this is getting out of hand, people.

I understand that having faith is important, but why does it have to be all or nothing? Why do we have to accept Jesus and that’s it, never questioning anything? If I come back to God, it’s going to be on my own terms, and I’m still going to have a million questions. I’ve read the Bible from cover to cover dozens of times, and can recite Scripture like nobody’s business. That’s most of the reason that I’m away from God at the moment. Nothing about Christianity has any flow. None of it is cohesive. Okay, so I agree that we shouldn’t judge people, but why does God only love straight people?

Like, this is WAY out of hand. I have a super Christian friend whose name I will decline to divulge. Let’s call her Alex. Alex is a formspringer, which seems a little dumb but is actually pretty fun. She’s extremely Christian, but actually pretty open-minded, which is why she and I can get along despite our differing religious opinions. Someone on formspring asked her what her opinion on gay marriage was or something to that effect. I was scrolling her formspring just now looking for the question, but after like 400 i got bored. Anyway, she answered honestly. She was like, hey, whatever makes ya happy. I’m straight but it’s cool if you’re not! Or, ya know, something like that. I wholeheartedly agree with her, by the way. Dude, not everyone has to be the same! Remember when it was cool to be an individual? Oh wait, that’s NEVER been cool. Lol anyway, so Alex goes on with her life like normal. THEN her landlord/roommate’s aunt leaves her this freakin typed letter listing like 20 verses from the Bible that say why homosexuality is wrong. FYI- only ONE verse condemns it directly, but of COURSE you can find like 20 generalized ones that’ll fit the picture. Basically, if you’re not perfect, you ain’t good enough. And Alex is like, I don’t judge people, which is what Jesus wants? And her landlord is like, YOU’RE WRONG. WE HAVE TO ACCEPT JESUS AND EVERYTHING HE SAYS, NO QUESTION. NO HOMOS. EVER.

Personally, I think this is a huge load of bullshit! I think if you’re going to be like Jesus, you should emulate the good things he did. Not everyone can walk on water, but we can all practice random acts of kindness, and we can all try to refrain from judging others. We can all accept people as they are, like God freakin tells us to. Like if you can accept every other Caucasian Southern Baptist church member, you can accept one who happens to be gay or lesbian. Seriously people, why do you care who sleeps in bed with them at night?