Back to the subject of music. So I’m sitting here jammin’ to my weird music collection on iTunes when i hear this song that i love. But like, the lyrics are weird. like, really weird. And I’m sitting here thinking, LOTS of songs are like that. They have reeally weird lyrics. I mean, come on. “One Week” by the Barenaked Ladies is like one of the bestselling songs ever and it makes zero sense. So like, honestly, how hard IS it to be a songwriter these days? I mean it seems like it’d be really simple. To me, it seems that the tricky part is writing something that ISN’T total nonsense but that hasn’t been done yet. Now THAT’S difficult. And not only do you have to write about something original and good, but it has to be catchy, and have a good beat AND be distinguishable so people will know who you are. Suddenly I have more respect for Kanye.