So today I was downloading music onto my new computer when I realized something. My music collection is a compilation of things I discovered myself, that friends recommended, and mostly music from past boyfriends. We all have those boxes in the back of our closets that contain discarded articles from past relationships. The remains that were once precious souveniers of our lives that now collect dust—ANYWAY then I realized that the most evidence of my old relationships is stored on my ipod. I’m not one to delete a song just because it reminds me of someone, although I may press skip every time I hear it. If you really want to know how much you affected a girl, guys, just scroll through her library. I have one ex in particular whose music basically takes up most of the available space on my iTunes. I just can’t bring myself to delete it either, because I love it all. I guess that shows the rate of compatibility in a relationship to a degree, as well. I love love love that guy’s music, so it makes sense that we dated for over a year. He’s also still in my life. I found myself scrolling through my library, picking out the artists that my guys were into, and most of the ones that I had a lot left of were from the guys I’m either still in touch with or that I dated for a really long time. Musical compatibility might actually be important–who knew?