Earlier I was thinking, there are so many things that we say to other people that are seriously open to interpretation. Like, we have a dictionary so that we can define words, and distinguish them from other words with other meanings. But like, we don’t have a dictionary for generalized terms or for tone of voice. I mean, when you’re talking with someone and they’re like, “Oh, yeah. I hooked up with that guy”, what do you say? I personally always want to say, “What’s hook up mean?” To some people it’s kissing, for others it’s fucking. These terms are always so generalized! There should definitely be a dating lingo dictionary. It needs to include exact definitions of “hooking up”, the “bases”, and “love” of course. It should also have a chart explaining when you’re supposed to start dating, when to say I love you, and when to love in together/get engaged. And maybe when to bring up the baby subject. I hate that these things are so NOT clear cut. I am far too OCD for all of this room for interpretation. It’s killing me, people! I need straightforward steps to follow.

I mean, I’ve done my makeup with the same steps for 2 years. Sure, I mix it up with color, but the steps are always the same. Foundation, loose powder, eye liner, eye shadow, hint of blush, curl lashes, coat of base mascara, coat of finishing mascara, eye shadow, finishing powder. In dating, the mixing up would be the guy, not the eye shadow. But you get the point. I am a by-the-book kind of girl. I almost wish that I were Laura Ingalls Wilder. Dating was soooo much easier then. There was a set of accepted rules and protocol. Of course, I would never in a million years want to actually live during that time instead of this one, but you get what I mean! I need protocol and predictable-ness, world! Why do you suck? Why can’t everything be nice and straightforward???