So, I started writing a book. It’s actually surprisingly easy. See, the key is to not think up anything original. You just use crap from your life that no one cares about and BAM! there’s your book. So like…yeah. The goal is to have it done in a year. We’ll see how THAT goes. In other news, I have food poisoning. So as i write, I’m on my bathroom floor. Isn’t life great? I’ve recently become obsessed with Jenny is pretty much my hero. (Also, the lack of punctuation after the site name was intentional because there is no period after .com(.), so you grammar bastards can suck it! Also, I’m bored. I’m a little bit worried that if I fall asleep on the bathroom floor flying night squirrels will somehow find me and eat my brains. If they do, I’ll miss you. Also, photoshop any photos of me shown at my funeral. I would like to look like I weigh 120 pounds, but not in a disgusting-get-that-girl-a-ham-and-cellulite-sandwich way. Thanks 🙂