So I’m all finished up with this semester of college. A rather uneventful one, I suppose. Too bad I didn’t mildly survive a bear attack or something. Then maybe my blog would get more hits. Nope. Instead, I just went to class. But now I’m done! I’m thinking that this summer I’ll just take like one class, and do it online so I can look like Nessie the Scottish Monster and not need to spend so much money on make-up. Wait…Nessie is a Scot right? If I’m way off base, then just forget the shitty reference. Anyway, here’s the actual reason for this post. Yeah, there IS one this time. Crazy right?

So, I’m starting a book. Like, writing it. Not just reading. I figure I’ve read enough books in my life, (over 500,000,000,000) so it’s my turn to talk about stupid and embarrassing shit for once. I have no clue what it’s going to be about…well, actually I do since it’ll most likely be autobiographical, but in the form of a novel..if that makes sense. Also, now that school’s out I totally have time to invent random shit and post it on here. Yay! Not that anyone reads it, but still. I am the shizzle.