I am the definition of burnt out today. I half slept through class, really only because I always flake out on that one. I had no clue what my Japanese teacher was yammering on about in his thick accent. I have to be super awake and caffeinated to try and de-code what the fuck he’s talking about. I haven’t slept correctly in weeks, and this weekend’s activities have left my back in a perma-knot. I will now proceed to enlighten you all about my idea of a vacation, and the reality of the one we had this weekend.

Whenever the boyfriend and I take a trip together, it’s always very laid back and relaxing. This time his mother and sister were coming, which isn’t a HUGE deal, because they’re both tolerable enough. However, I did not previously realize what kind of trips boyfriend’s mom likes to take. She is one of those goddamn people that likes to get out of the car every 3 miles and take another picture of some stupid rock or flower or body of water. Nevermind that they have thousands of these pictures at home. They need new ones to clutter up the house even more. And of course, these pictures will never amount to anything. God forbid she ever attempt to make a scrapbook. They just collect dust. So anyway, apparently boyfriend’s sister likes to take these pictures as well.

So as we’re driving to the beach, I’m realizing that it’s going to take us about an extra two hours to get to Big Sur because of all of the stopping. Now, I stayed in the car for these brief interruptions. I am the kind of person that drives like hell to get to the destination, and then I unwind and have a good time. Oh, no. Boyfriend’s mom had no intentions of actually sticking to a schedule or anything. Because of this very annoying way of driving, I was singled out as the boring one who would stay in the truck. Sorry I’m normal, guys! To me a beach trip is spent on the beach with sunglasses and a book, not taking pictures at every Vista Point. We probably spent a grand total of 2 hours on the beach throughout the 2 day period.

Instead of sitting on the beach, we were dragged to the Cambria Wildflower Show, which is actually way more boring than it sounds. Woo…flowers in jars. Let’s look at them for an hour..NOT. Then we spent 6 hours getting to Big Sur, with a zillion stops. By then, I was completely exhausted due to all of the medication I was on. I have major back problems and motion sickness, so I had taken Advil, Soma, Meloxicam, Dramamine, etc. Boyfriend’s sister has these problems too, so we were pretty drugged up. When we got to the cabin, I checked out the view and the garden a little, and then all 3 of us kids passed out for like 15 hours. Then in the morning we packed up and went into Carmel for the 17 Mile Drive, which I actually found to be pretty enjoyable. Then we stopped at a few beaches that had awesome ocean views. It was pretty cold, so I just bundled up and watched the waves. Then, when it was almost Sunset, we went down to Pfeiffer Beach, where the purple sand is. That was pretty cool, even though it was cold as balls. By the time we hiked back to the car, my back was aching like crazy. Boyfriend’s mom stopped 3 or 4 more times, and then we started heading home. I was all drugged up so I slept during the car ride back. I later found out that not only should I not have come because I do not share their love of Vista Points and pointless photography, but I “slept the whole time” wtf? The only time that I was asleep when other people were awake was during the car ride back, and I was on like 5 drugs. Who wouldn’t be asleep?

So basically, this was one of the crappiest, most pointless trips I have ever been on. And despite that, boyfriend and I still had fun. Being up at 4am and watching the lighthouse in the fog was one of the highlights for me. And then bringing him into my room to cuddle under a zillion blankets and talk about nothing was fun too 🙂 So all in all, it didn’t suck THAT much. But dude, I am way too ADHD to go on another trip like that with boyfriend’s mom…