Every time I check the page after a post it seems I get an exponentially larger amount of hits than before. You guys are so awesome 🙂 I mean, I started this thing like a week ago in the vain hope that I would get like, a hit per day. Although it may not seem like much to others, I am very ecstatic about the response from you guys.

So anyway, let me delve into my main topic (once again, please ignore any spazzy spacebar glitch issue things). Today is 4/20. Stoners everywhere are lighting their pipes in salute to who? Yeah, Hitler. Like this is going to help them get pot legalized…Nazi support. lol anyway, my main point is not the people, it’s the Mary Jane. So basically, since we Americans like to focus on insignificant issues while our Presidents are running for/in office, weed is a huge thing right now. Also, abortion. Look for an abortion rant in my next post.

My feelings about this stupid controversy: Legalize that shit! I’m not saying that everyone who votes YES has to light up. All I’m saying is, if you want California to get out of our massive debt, just let them eat cake..err…smoke weed. If we can tax MJ, we will be able to bail ourselves out in no time. This is America’s number one crop, people. It should be legal and taxed, and then maybe people will calm the fuck down about how pot is ruining their children’s lives.

Did you know that weed most often has positive effects on ADHD’ers? Yeah, it helps us focus. So when you walk in on your kid lighting up when he’s supposed to be doing homework, don’t ground him. Fucking talk about it. Maybe it helps him. I mean, hell, it’s one more thing that you can ground him from when his grades slip, right? Give pot a break. Adderall is legal and prescribed for ADHD, and it’s a fucking amphetamine. Why is weed any different than tobacco? It’s less addictive. There are so many easy ways to defend marijuana use, it’s a fucking joke. Why should we have to defend it?