Soo I haven’t posted much lately..Sorry! Been pretty busy, dawg. ^_^ I said dawg…and I’m a white girl…lol. Anyway, here’s the gist of what I’ve been up to: Building a site for teh blogzorz! That’s right! New name, new layout, new logo, new web address! It’s totally NOT up and running yet, but if you want to keep checking up on it, we’re going to be at 🙂 haha, I know, why not a .com? The answer is simple: Money. This thing was a buck. Lol, but right now I’m working with my graphic designer, Jared Davis, and I’ve got the site colors, favicon, and basic layout worked out. He’s going to write me miles of code and help build everything. Yay Jared! So anyway, I’ll letcha know when we move for real-real, and not for play-play…lawl Drawn Together reference. Peace.