Today while I was trying to figure out what I’d blog about—oh, lord. I’m turning into one of THEM—I was Google searching a friend’s webpage. It was then that I noticed the “suggestions” box. You know, after you type a few words, Google pops up with its popular related searches to help you? I usually ignore this box because NOTHING is ever related to what I’m typing until I have finished and am about to click “Google Search”.

Have you ever actually looked at the shit that comes up in the suggestion box? The only logical conclusion is that computer prices are too low these days. Maybe if they were priced a thousand or two dollars more, we wouldn’t have the retards that we have on the internet today. Or perhaps the price of wi-fi and modems should just be ridiculously expensive. That way, anyone can type…but they can’t post their stupid-ass questions and retarded insights. Needless to say, all of our teachers in grade school were very, very wrong. There IS such a thing as a stupid question. There most certainly is.

So instead of searching what I was going to, I typed a few experimental words into the search bar. The suggested results made me want to cry for America. I’ll post the screen shots at the end of the post so you can cry along with me. We live in a country with so many freedoms and rights, and our people are sitting on their asses at home, making Google do the work for them. Some of our top searches are “how to hack a myspace account”, “how to get a girl to like you” and “why did the chicken cross the road”…come ON, people! And you know the Americans are the ones searching this crap. You think some kid in Japan cares about a joke that was funny in second grade? Yeah right. That kid’s been doing Calculus since we were telling the chicken joke.

It’s funny, because we Americans think that we’re superior to every other country in the world because we can nuke them. We don’t even have health care down! Strike that. We don’t even have our FOOD SYSTEM down. Have any of you read the new study involving GM foods?(Genetically Modified=GM) New evidence shows that animals are suffering liver failure due to prolonged exposure to GM foods. Basically, the animals have been eating them for too long, and they’re dying now. Guess what that means, guys? We’ve been eating GM crap for over 10 years! You’d think since other countries have put bans and moratoriums on these foods, we would catch on. Nope! That’s just America for you. As soon as I graduate from college, I am so headed for Canada. Unlike Rush, I’m outta here.