I’m no scientist, and I certainly will never claim to be, unless of course I have a degree. However, since I’m a journalism major, this is highly unlikely. Anyway, I do consider myself to be an unofficial expert on ADHD. I am not medicated for my disorder, merely because my personality type doesn’t necessitate it.

If you care enough, there are multiple books describing the different ADHD/ADD personalities, and it’s very interesting to classify people you know. My personality type is “The Perfectionist”. My grades did not suffer in school, which is THE indicator for ADD, according to most teachers and many physicians. I am very OCD, and have little things that have to be just so, which is one of my symptoms. I do have an attention problem, but if I get sucked into something, the ADD is irrelevant.

Note: I use ADHD and ADD interchangeably at times. They’re very similar, so I tend to do that. Please excuse me.

When I was reading up on ADHD awhile back, I found many of my symptoms that I thought were completely unrelated and just personality traits. For instance, these are some of my symptoms: restlessness, impulsivity, procrastination, disorganization, forgetfulness, fidgeting, (used to) compulsive lying (not anymore), talking excessively, always being on the go, initiating conversation at inappropriate times, finishing people’s sentences, blurting out answers before the question is complete, and of course, frequently interrupting others.

My mother detests that last one. It just so happens that every time I am going to tell her something, she’s on the phone. And of course, they’re 30 minute conversations. No way I’m sitting there that long for one sentence. If I’m made to sit there, I’ll walk away. Oh, the joys of ADD. Some of those symptoms are pretty ridiculous, no? I mean, compulsive lying???? When I was a kid I ALWAYS told white lies that were seemingly pointless. Why lie for no reason? ADD symptom. Who knew? Luckily, that one faded out as I got older. Procrastination has also become more infrequent, but without fail, when there’s a big essay/project due, I’m putting on the final touches the day of, or day before the due date.

Anyway, since this blog consists of my ADHD ramblings, I thought I’d let you all know what my particular symptoms are, and a little more about myself. 🙂