Okay, I am thoroughly exhausted and fed up with all of the retarded, grammar oblivious losers that currently own the blogosphere. I swear, every time I’ve read a blog lately, I’ve wanted to shoot myself in the face. So, as I sit here pondering what sort of crazy endeavor this is, I’ve decided to create my own blog. I’m so damn tired about hearing how shitty everyone’s lives are. Let’s talk about my shitty life! Well, not really. I do sort of like my existence, and feel that it has been pretty positive…so far.

Alright, so you’re probably wondering about my weird-ass title. It’s just because I’m ADHD and it tends to affect many areas of my life. This entire site will basically be ADHD rantings. Buckle up! (Also, I’m a teeny bit in love with Kinsella’s Shopaholic series…I hated the movie, they’re books.)

I am an avid reader, cat-lover, and geek. I’m in college after graduating early, and am getting ready to transfer to CSU Fullerton in the fall of ’11…hopefully. I am dating a ginger named Jared, who you will know well if you frequent the Politics or Religion sections of Yahoo! Answers.

A note to all pedophiles- there will be no under-aged camming, pictures, or stalking pl0x. As I said, I’m a reader and geek. Hopefully this eventually breaks into some amateur reviews of books and vidya games. Otherwise it will be random rantings, during which you will hopefully be able to follow my train of thought. Never try to understand the things my brain connects, though. You’ll hurt yourself. It’s an ADHD thing. If you are an ADHD reader, congratulations.

There is cake if you read all of the blogs, and the bonus levels appear if you know the link to the site that rocketed my boyfriend into a small level of internet fame for years. (Yes, that was a Portal ref..told you I was a geek.) I might even do some emulator reviews…with my COMPLETELY LEGAL ROM’s…*ahem* anyway…Hopefully within the week i’ll move this to a .com and we can get serious. For now, if you’re on here, you are such an awesome person and thank you for the support. “They like me! They really like me!” Just kidding. I’m not gay. (If I ever reference something as ‘gay’ it is not meant to insult homosexuals in any way. See South Park’s ‘fag’ definition.)