Alright, now I’m no health nut. Believe me, burgers and fast food have their appeal…but when you know how our American industrial food system works, burgers seem to lose some of that appeal. A class that I’m in this semester has been focusing heavily on food reform, and the more I get into the class, the more I support this revolution.

Food reform has slowly been gaining momentum in America, thanks to organizations such as Slow Food, USA (combating the spread of fast food), and authors such as Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation) and Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma). These men are drawing from authors of the past who sung the same tune, but no one cared. Has anyone ever heard of Orville Schell? Probably not. However, he was one of the pioneers in food reform journalism. Thankfully, people are realizing that the consequences of our “plastic fast food culture,” as said by Eric Schlosser, are too great.

So anyway, let me get to my point. A new show aired on the ABC network 3 weeks ago, and is now 3 episodes in. If you know what show I’m talking about, give yourself a gold star. It’s called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. This guy is like, my hero. Well, at least one of them. When the government polls released that Huntington, West Virginia was the unhealthiest city in America (the unhealthiest country), Jamie packed his bags and headed here from England to turn things around in Huntington. So far he’s been working with the school district there, individual families, and even the local Reverend. Here’s the link to his show: PLEASE WATCH IT..if you haven’t already. I’ve got episode 3 playing in the background right now, and Jamie is currently tackling a high school, after working on a grade school’s nutrition for the past 2 episodes.

What Jamie Oliver is doing for Huntington isn’t even his biggest accomplishment. This guy is amazing. He changed the British school system’s nutrition, his restaurant in England is staffed by “down-and-out kids who need a break,” as he puts it. This guy has a huge heart, and a lot of knowledge to share. Anyone who doesn’t back him can suck it.